What is the best Free Antivirus for Android ?

What is the best Free Antivirus for Android ?

this is the best Free Antivirus for Android :

FREE Antivirus (AVG), avast! Mobile Security, McAfee Antivirus & Security, Sophos Security & Antivirus, G Data Antivirus Free, Dr. Web Anti-virus Light, Mobile Security & Antivirus (Trend Micro), Norton Security and Antivirus and Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite. You can see the details here.

When determining the best antivirus is very relative. If you look at the number of downloads of the most select FREE Antivirus (AVG) or avast! Mobile Security is installed by more than 10 million users.

But this does not guarantee that the program is the best and most suitable for you. So please you try some of the products above to see which fits your needs.

In addition to antivirus programs, Vaksincom advises users in particular Android version 4.0.3 down (below the Jelly Bean) to consider using USSD application filter. This is very important because it exploits vulnerabilities USSD by simply accessing the websites that have been prepared ahead of time to allow the execution of USSD code automatically without asking the consent of the owners of smartphones.

Even though you have installed antivirus program, USSD filter is still needed because most antivirus Android does not protect from the threat of security loopholes. Potential losses that can occur are:

- The SIM card is blocked (to ask for PUK)

- Transfer pulses utilizing USSD

- Factory reset

One application USSD free filters which you can use is the G Data USSD Filters that can be downloaded at siniyang will prevent the automatic execution USSD code if your Android internet access.
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